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Grashopper 725d diesel or 729 gas

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I am looking an a frontmount grasshopper with a 52 inch deck and pos. and extra 60 inch deck, non powerfold, with 15 cub metal hoppers

I need a mower that can power through tall and short grass, and bag all the time,

will the gas kubota 29 hrs be enough power or should i run the 25 hrs diesel

Fuel savings?

Life Longevity"


Please help so i dont buy the wrong unit

also, i am planning on get a fuel tank for my business, and am wondering what fuel discounts tend to be for buying in bulk, this will also determine my choice

Diesel in Toledo is 2.90 a gal
gas is 2.40

do the math! what is the better buy???????
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I'm learning now the reasons I dearly wish I had gone for a used 721d instead of the gas engine ZTR I bought instead. Lots of issues (dropped valve at 460 hours, fouling carb & plugs, very sensative to fuel & ethonol content.) Not that the Kubota Gas engine would be near so troublesome---not at all. But the additional torque of the diesel and the fact that since it's designed to run at full load, full speed everyday all day would make me go for the diesel. Plus better resale value. You do NOT need 29 hp on that unit to power through tough grass.

You need to consider gallons of fuel per hour used.

The diesel will probalby use considerably less than my 18-hp gas unit.

The gas 29 hp unit will use considerably more than either unit (and really, you don't need that much power).

That said...if you need a weed mower, look for a small used tractor and attach a 3-pt mounted Woods mower to it. It's hard to tell by your description it's intended use, but don't fool around using a $12k finishing mower as a brush & weed mower.
Well said! I see guys trying to brush hog with $10,000 finish mowers to make a few extra bucks, crazy,crazy!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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