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Grashopper 725d diesel or 729 gas

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I am looking an a frontmount grasshopper with a 52 inch deck and pos. and extra 60 inch deck, non powerfold, with 15 cub metal hoppers

I need a mower that can power through tall and short grass, and bag all the time,

will the gas kubota 29 hrs be enough power or should i run the 25 hrs diesel

Fuel savings?

Life Longevity"


Please help so i dont buy the wrong unit

also, i am planning on get a fuel tank for my business, and am wondering what fuel discounts tend to be for buying in bulk, this will also determine my choice

Diesel in Toledo is 2.90 a gal
gas is 2.40

do the math! what is the better buy???????
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29 kubota will power right through tall grass.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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