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    maybe i posted my question in the wrong place so im going to post here . my client has a very large bed full of ivy and shrubs. no room for mulch hes to old to have me redo intire bed. the problem weeds/// how do i get rid of them ive tried preen?
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    You will get the correct responses when this gets posted at the Pesticide Forum. Hopefully one of the moderators will move it soon.
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    a few options will likely work for you. Envoy works fairly well on grasses but does nothing for broadleaf weeds. It is slow acting ( up to 30 days) but does well. It can be sprayed over the top of most anything ( I know of nothing that it will harm but as always read the label). Casaron is a very effective pre- emergent that sounds would be safe to use in your bed ( again, check the label, casaron can be dangerous to many plants and must be used carefully.) Broad leaf weeds are difficult to control once established, treat chemically were practical and safe and pull if neccesary. I manage the beds at a local mall ( over 1.5 acres of bed areas) and have very good control.
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    thank you the job is saturday just in time hopfully i can get this a lescos
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    50% round-up and 50% water wiped on by hand with a sponge cleans up hard to kill stuff then use a pre-emregent.
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    Preen is a dilute retail bed pre-emergant containing around 1.5% trifluralin. Treflan is the commercial version & contains 5% trifluralin. It will kill grassy (monocot) weeds and some anual broadleaf (dicot) weeds, as their seedlings germinate. As the seedling grows in the herbicides residue (a gaseous or vapor barrier in the upper soil profile), it succumbs quickly to the herbicide. All pre-emergent herbicides work this way. Which active ingedient,the rate applied, soil texture, frequency of and amount of irrigation, timing of application, and the targeted weeds are all factors that determine how well your treatment works. Products such as Preen, Treflan, Pre-M, Dimension, Team/TeamPro, Surflan, Barricade, Snapshot, Gallery, Devrinol, Ronstar, SuperStar, etc. all work this way but none will work on established perennials or anuals. To control any kind (anual or perennial)of weed that has been allowed to establish will require a post-emergent herbicide, or just plain physical removal, before a pre-emergent will be effective.
    There is no shortage of post-emergent herbicides available but many of these will cause damage to common foundation plants. As previously posted, grassy weeds (dicots) can be controled in shrub beds fairly easily with products such as Fusilade or Envoy. These can be safely sprayed "over the top" of labled plant species. But watch certain cultivar & species limitations or unwanted damage may occur. A wick applicator or sponge is great when harder grasses or broadleaf weeds require the use of RoundUp. The sponge allows for more careful placement, but watch for drips & wear a pair of nitrile gloves !!! Also, the treated bed can't be too "tangled-up" or specific leaf treatment will be difficult.
    Since most foundation shrubs are dicots, most herbicides that control broadleaf weeds (also dicots) will also harm the shrubs. An exception is the new herbicide Lontrel by Dow Agrosciences. Lontrel allows for some "over the top" applications, and a broader list when using a directed spray.

    Ceck the label at
    then click the MSDS/Label button
    look for Dow then proceed to Lontrel for the complete label with list of tolerant plants and weeds controled.
    I hope this helps,
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    :blob3: T, once you have elimnated to weed problem, i would suggest appling a round of snapshot i use it in all my cutomers beds and works well, very well. keep in mind it is a pre-m so you will have to wipe out any exiting weeds before you put it down. Tony
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    i let everyone know the out come. thanks:blush:

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