Grass Blows out front of deck Triton 66"

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by IMAGE, Apr 28, 2008.

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    I am running the Ultra Vac on a 66" Triton deck, and am getting alot of blow out of grass coming out the front of the deck. Its not much of a problem when out in the grass, but when coming up on driveways and sidewalks it puts alot of grass on them. It seems like it should be sucking the stuff up better.

    It has the stock blades, and I have the front baffles adjusted down so there are 2 holes showing in them. (about 1 inch down). I already lowered them a bit more then a half inch over what it came set at. Should I take them lower? Is there any bad side effects to lowering them farther?
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    I would try using some higher lift blades. (103-9620 or 103-9621) This may help your issue. The UltraVac was designed to collect grass clippings on a lawn. It was not designed to pick up grass clippings/debris on pavement. That being said, I think you can minimize your issue with some blade changes.

  3. IMAGE

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    ok I will try that. Thanks.
  4. ducky1

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    The adjustable lip may need to be adjusted down a little more. I had to take it down what seemed like too far to get one to seal. That should help take care of your problem when using a vac system.
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    I use med-lift blades on my 60", really never encounter that problem. Also, when there is debris on the pavement, i take the deck adjustment pin to the lowest setting and run everything over, picks up 90% of the stuff.. I have not adjusted the baffles or anything else either, just med-lift blades.

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