Grass catcher for Honda Commercial Walk behind

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mrsargemeister, Mar 24, 2008.

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    Hello guys. Recently I got a decent deal on a used Honda HRC7013 Commercial Walk behind mower. For those that are not familiar its a 48", hydrostatic drive, 13hp mower that is no longer made by honda. I want to buy a grass catcher for this machine but honda wants close to $400 for the bag and the mounting assembly that would require drilling and bolting to the deck.

    Does anyone know where I can find a fair deal on an alternate grass catcher with mounting assembly? I dont mind retrofitting something else to this mower, Honda parts are ridiculously expensive, especially for machines that are no longer in production. Thanks. :usflag:
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    I have nothing against Honda other then mine has failed for me a few times (hydro trans) in the past. If you think the bag is expensive, I hate to say it, but this is only the beginning of your worries and problems when it comes to parts. The trans is the weakest part and will likely go first. At $400+ a hit, it takes a big dent in your profits.
  3. mrsargemeister

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    Yeah I'm well aware of hondas shortcomings. Especially in replacement parts. I got a good deal so I just took a risk on a low hour machine.

    Can anyone recommend a decent aftermarket grass catcher manufacturer I can look into?
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    I have honda's OEM grass catcher on my 36" Honda walkbehind. It is a cloth bagger, and this price is typical for this type of catcher (an Exmark OEM catcher is about $360). I like the cloth bagger, even though it is expensive. I also have an Exmark cloth bagger I bought used; the honda has better catches, although I dislike the grill on the mower side of the catcher. It blows debris onto the engine. I've never seen a Honda catcher for sale used.
    A good all aluminum catcher will run you about the same price as the OEM.
    Someone had a grass gobbler to fit the Hondas on ebay a while back for about $200 plus shipping. Gobblers are heavy compared with the cloth portion of the honda bagger. You will still have to do some drilling to attach any catcher to this mower.
    Good luck!
  5. mrsargemeister

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    thanks very much for the info. I clicked on a link for "accelerator" aftermarket catchers. They seem well built and they make a catcher for my model. I'll check them out and some competitors. Maybe I will have to go OEM after all.
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    google jthomas

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