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Grass catcher

Mean Green Machine

LawnSite Member
I have a 36" snapper WB, not a hydro, couple years old. Wondering if there is grass catcher for it, I cant seem to find anything on the net about one wich leads me to believe there isnt. Also about how much would a new exmark WB with floating deck and ECS cost?


LawnSite Senior Member
Try the Accelerator Industries link at the top of the page. The snapper section is under construction so I would assume they would have something to help you out. There is a number listed. Give them a call.


Bellevue, WA
We do have a catcher for this mower. You can use part GCDN. This fits the newer snapper pro decks, but can be adapted to fit the older ones too. The main difference between the older unit mower decks and the new ones is that the new decks have a curve at the back of the opening that we baffle off. You can just grind off the baffle and make the opening on the catcher flush with the mower deck if it won't fit. This does not void the one year warranty.