Grass catchers is it normal to be covered in dirt and grass

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TarheelTLC, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. TarheelTLC

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    Is there a reason why you can put sheet metal across the top? I am covered in dirt and grass the whole time I cut. I am asssuming that it is about air flow. Now that everride is going out of business I either need to buy the real deal or trade the mower.

  2. Lawn Enforcer

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    Where did you hear Everride was going out of business?
  3. TarheelTLC

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    Here on one of the threads just today. When I bought my hornet in May the Toro and Hustler dealers told me they were in trouble. I looked at the rebate, product, and financing which could not be touched by the other brands. Oh well...... I will calling dealears tomorrow to see what kind of trade in I can get. Below is one of the sites they got there information.....
  4. TarheelTLC

    TarheelTLC LawnSite Member
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  5. topsites

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    This, however, makes me mad as hell:

    Sales of the EverRide mowers did not support the production schedule needed to efficiently manufacture the units.

    Nothing burns me more than a line of fancy pants corporate BS!
    What do you mean, they didn't SELL fast enough?
    Wehell I am so sorry I only bought ONE 60" Warrior, why, excuse ME!
    So why not give me my 8,500 and I return the mower, how's that?

    Here, teh translashun: After 35 years in business we plain forgot all about anything so common like a drought happening, we ingeniously over-extended our resources to meet our suave predictions, and thus without a plan to fall back on failed to prepare for a worse than optimal case scenario.

    In short, we messed up (but with an F).
    That's what I want to hear, I would have no problem accepting that.
  6. DuraCutter

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    You may have to wear an airtight suit with a fresh air tank to make it. :laugh:

    You shouldn't have mentioned the Everide sale...:laugh: now you have distracted the guys...


    I can't help you... good luck :cool2:
  7. Jason Rose

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    WHat brand is the catcher? I think there's a company that makes "socks" if you will, that cover the top and/or sides of metal catchers.
  8. stevo22

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    i have the accelerator catcher for my w/b and same as you, stayed covered with grass and dirt as soon as i engaged the blades...went to a fabric store and bought some heavy duty fabric...i think it is the stuff that outdoor furniture is covered with...i made paterns out of cardboard and cut it about 2-3 inches bigger...placed it on the catcher and folded the edge neatly and secured it with screws and large diameter washers...i left some small areas open for air great and look as good as the day that it was put on 3+ yrs ago...i left the entire back open...the back fills up first so i get little grass and dirt from it...
  9. TarheelTLC

    TarheelTLC LawnSite Member
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    Catcher King - Ordered and received in 3 days. Well made and works good except for the mess. Like you described the instance I engage the blades covered from head to toes. I will do a search for socks to fit catchers. My buddy said he would weld a piece of sheet metal if want him to. I thought above curving it over the top where the middle is about 2 inches off the mesh/grate stuff. I can't describe it very well but basically bowing the sheet metal out to retain air flow. If it works I will post a picture. If the cardboard worked this should and I may use screws like you so that it will be easy took take off.

  10. Richard Martin

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    I had the same problem with my Grass Packer. I simply covered the side of the catcher that points towards me with a thin piece of aluminum flashing and the problem is solved. It doesn't affect the way it packs with grass, it still gets full.

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