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does any one know where we can get the new style grass catcher for our wb's,,they are side mounted,shaped like a garbage can,made of heavy duty fiberglass,hold just as much as the metal grass gobbler,i saw them on another crews truck and he said his boss bought 6 of them and that they are the greastest !!!!,,but the guy said he has no idea where his boss got them at,,any info you guys have would be great !!!


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Lawnranger,<br> I beleive what you are talking about is called the grasspacker. It is made of a red resin based plastic. I had one for my walk behind and kept it for the one lawn I bag to mount on my z rider. I wouldn't say it works super, don't even try it if the grass is damp or wet, it will clog the small opening. It is ok on dry grass and leaves but you constantly have to un clip it, tap it down and continue on. I liked it better than the old hard shelled unit I had on an earlier machine though. You might try a mesh metal screened catching unit, they seem to suck more air into it creating a better vacumn. I think Stone has catchers for his toro that he likes, maybe he'll let you know what he uses. If you want to order the grasspacker, Landscapers supply has them for $229. plus shipping. 1-800-222-4303<p>Mike
Wright mfg jumbo 4.3 cu ft are $160.<br>Buy a bracket for each machine for $15 ea.<p>They pack full and work good with 44&quot;-52&quot;-<br>62&quot; toros with high lift blades. <p>I am going to buy a leaf extension $140 before fall and will report my findings if<br>it can pack thatch and leaves.<p>At a $175 a metal bagger is a alternative<br>to those $1500 ztr baggers.