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  1. grassroots lawn

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    What'e the seed of choice for aerations up in this area of the country..S.E PA. Personally i was going to go with more blue than anything else70/30.But I do hear to use rye..Quicker germination..Just asking for your professional opinion's..Thanks much
  2. FdLLawnMan

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    I am a big fan of Bluegrass. Ryegrass has 2 advantages, cheap & quick germination. Bluegrass is more expensive, slower germination, 21 days and more expensive. KBG is more resistant to disease, better color, heals itself due to its rhyzomous action of the roots. On my lawn which is over 25 years old I haver never overseeded it. I just keep it from going dormant by watering just enough with hoses, apply 3 lbs of nitrogen a year, 2/3 of it in the fall and weed control in the spring & fall and it looks great. It is also aerated every year. It is about 75,00 Sq. Ft. and is mowed at between 3 & 3.5 inches. It has no crabgrass.

    Mike I
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  3. RigglePLC

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    Bluegrass is king of the grasses...but...I prefer a top quality disease resistant perennial rye for an overseeding situation. Something like "Amazing".

    The quick germination and strong seedling vigor gives it a better shot at actually surviving. If you overseed with blue, the new grass is tiny and not very competitive. I am never sure how much of it takes--if any.
  4. FdLLawnMan

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    I do agree with the fact that overseeding with KBG is sometimes a lost cause. I it were me I would kill the lawn with roundup and then overseed it with KBG. The problem is that it is a little late for seeding KBG. If you are going to overseed ryegrass is the only thing that will work. Does Turf Type Tall Fescue grow in Pennsylvania? They are even trying up in Wisconsin.

    Mike I
    Mike's Total Lawn Care
  5. turfsolutions

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    Its not too late for KBG. We haven't even had any weather for seeding yet. Hot and dry the last 3 weeks especially if you don't have an irrigation system. Air and soil temps too high with little or no morning dew. Tall fescue mix will give you good low maintenance results with quicker bounce back after August droughts. KBG mix on your higher end lawns.
  6. lescojdl

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    I would do a mixture of perennial rye and kbg. Maybe some CRF as well. Check out lesco's premium athletic or park&athletic mixtures. Both around $2 to $3 per pound.

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