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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ALC-GregH, May 3, 2008.

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    Not sure where to ask this so I'll give in and start my first thread. :)

    I noticed a deflector on a buddies Ford front deck mower with a 60in deck. It has a discharge shoot that he keeps bungied up. It also has a narrow metal plate about 1.5-2in wide and goes right near the center of the discharge area front to back. It is angled pointing up so the clippings can spread farther out kinda helping to thin out the clippings. Does any other mower decks have/use these? It's the first one I've seen with this on it. I haven't used his mower to cut with but it still leaves small amounts of clippings regardless of what he does. I mowed the same place at the same height and left no visible clippings when I was done and I only cut once.

    I also have a OCDC door on mine I use for working next to flower beds or other stuff you don't want clippings to blow onto. But in open areas, I wonder if a deflector will help? I'll take a pic today of the deflector as I keep calling it and post it tonight when I get home.
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    here's a pic of the deck I mentioned.
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    Make the grass fly higher than it already is? Sounds like a mess to me...

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