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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnmasters2004, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. lawnmasters2004

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    Hey guys... I just bought a Walker mower and made a area on my trailer for me to dump my clippings... I see many guys around town doing this same thing or dumping them on their fenced flatbeds. By seeing so many guys doing this, I am assuming that a few of you do the same. I am wondering how often it is that you guys dump/shovel the clippings off the trailer or truck because of smell and such. The area that I have on my trailer is very well ventilated so they will get tons of breeze and air to breathe with. Any info is greatly appreciated... Thanks guys!
  2. grassmanvt

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    My routine is a bit differant than yours but anything we bag gets dumped at the end of the day, sometines twice. I wouldn't let it sit more than the day due to smell, slimyness, and the acidity it gives off can excellerate body rust.
  3. lawnmasters2004

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    great deal... i was planning on doing it atleast once every two days, but that mower dumps a ton so i doubt i can even do that.. i just calculated the volume i have and it is only good for around 10 dumps so... that means many trips to the dumpster
  4. Roger

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    I am not quite sure of your setup, but I have a similar problem in getting rid of grass clippings from a 5X10 trailer. I keep searching for some solution to getting the load off, apart from a fork and refuse hook. I unload once per week, so the clippings get pretty raunchy, especially in Spring when clippings are wet.

    If your practice is common, how are you getting your load off the trailer? Plain old hard work with a fork? Or, otherwise.

    I don't have the volume of trips to warrant the cost of a dump trailer. I have looked into LoadHandler for pickups, and I know some folks have mounted them on a trailer. In calling the factory, they tell me, "yes ... I can be done." However, nobody has ever shared how they made the install.
  5. Lawn Sharks

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    any clippings that are on my trailer at the end of the day go on my compost pile that day unless of course I get home, the wife has a beer in her hand and we just forget to do it then I have to haul them to the compost with a hangover in the morning.
  6. MJB

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    I built a small ramp on the front of my trailer that layed down in the truck bed. Then I would back up onto the bed and dump. I always used a loadhandler for dumping the clippings out of my truck. I also dump the Walker into a bag I had made with reinforced handles etc. then throw into the truck .

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