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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by corycc, Mar 27, 2001.

  1. corycc

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    I am looking at bying bagging unit such as a Walker of Cougar, but I have one problem. Where am I going to put all the clippings? There's a field behind my house and I could probably ask the owner if I could leave them there, but I wasn't sure if the clippings would smell or bother my neighbors. I could drive 20 miles to a landfill and pay to dump them. I might be able to find a nursery with a compost heap. What do you guys do with your clippings?
  2. Evan528

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    What advanted do you see in bagging all your lawns? Let it fly!
  3. mdb landscaping

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    supposedly its better to cut and not bag because the clippings are good nutrients for the soil and grass. i would buy a differnt ZTR and mulch it.
  4. LJ lawn

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    i would do what the other companys in your area are doing.if everyone else is just mulching then i would also.i do a lot of small residential properties so it's hard to get away with not bagging.depends on the job and the customer.a lot of people out here are really into the collecting the grass thing.i try to work out a system as in where i can dump or mulch on which property etc.sometimes i put it in a plastic bag and put it out for the garbage pickup just to get rid of it.had my system down so good last year i didn't once pay to dump.
  5. lawnboy82

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    pros: looks cleaner / spring fall clean-ups go faster / tall grass goes faster / you can charge extra / sometimes it is faster to bag than to throw and blow

    Cons: collecting clippings removes approximatley 30% of your lawns yearly nitrogen requirements / does not help to control thatch and mat / if left in piles of only grass and nothing else it will smell worse than hades if you go to move it or disturb the pile have a very good respirator and a second person around.

    the only reason that golf courses collect clippings is because they interfere with the roll of the ball. mulching or discharging is better. i feel however that it is faster to bag especially if you have a walker or cougar. iu
  6. Roger

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    When I started five years ago, I bagged most customers. But, I've now got nearly all of them weaned off bagging. It took some educating. Residential customers who may have not used an outside contractor still have visions of big clumps of clippings, just like many home owners leave on their yards. I agree with others here - do all you can to elminate bagging! Not only are you confronted with the matter of clipping disposal (as per your question), but the added time will eat you up.

    I stock piled my clippings for a couple of years and found a local gardner who was willing to have me haul the pile to his garden the next Spring. Odor - aplent! He (actually, his wife) has asked me to haul no more compost to their garden. Last season, stock piled at home, taking them to the dump as needed. This season, I will stockpile again for the season - don't want to spend the time. But, I'm expecting far fewer clippings.

    Clippings are a big problem - leave them lay. With some care, the results of your work can still be top notch.
  7. lawnman_scott

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    I tell my customers they dont make a bagger for most commercial mowers, and mine is one of those. By the way if its real hot out and u leave the clippings in your truck all week its not a fun thing to empty.
  8. Runner

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    If you really HAVE to collect the clippings, then if you dump them in the field, just scatter them out REAL well every time you dump. This will virtually eliminate your odor problem. Dump them as far out as you can, and dump them in different locations, as to not pile them on top of one another. If they are spread out thin, the later you can pile more on, but if tou just kick the piles down well as each load is dumped, you shouldn't have any problem.

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