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Grass Clippings

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A friend of mine asked me the other day what are the pros and cons of dumping small amounts of grass clippings in a large hole at his farm... he said the hole is approx 40X20ft and 8ft deep. hes thinking of dumping a yard of grass clippings every week... he also stated he'd fill in the hole and the end of the year with soil........i know its illegal and the fines are steep!
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Yeah, it's not illegal but it will stink to high heaven. Best to mix it with carbon waste (wood chips, leaves, etc) and make good compost.
So composting is illegal in New Jersey! Wouldn't have ever thought the EPA would be against it.
A few years ago there was a big problem in NJ with a company that expanded from accepting yard wastes to also accepting food wastes for composting. The new owners had great plans & even had a contract to supply methane gas to nearby McGuire Air Force base. Great idea, poor execution. The owners did not follow correct composting procedures. Nutrient runoff and odor where such big problems that the operation was shut down. Due to this experience, the State has been very strict on composting facilities.

Not everything is as black & white as we think it is. Government regulations are usually a response to someone or company f***ing up.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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