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Grass Clippings

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A friend of mine asked me the other day what are the pros and cons of dumping small amounts of grass clippings in a large hole at his farm... he said the hole is approx 40X20ft and 8ft deep. hes thinking of dumping a yard of grass clippings every week... he also stated he'd fill in the hole and the end of the year with soil........i know its illegal and the fines are steep!
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Steep Fines--I don't think so. I've been around a long time and never heard of that bureaucracy. And filling a hole with grass clipping which are decomposing to dirt. It's already dirt. You must be very young or have poor information on laws. It might be unlawful in some states to use as a untreated landfill filling it with trash and garbage. But a hole on farm land...This is the type of legality that makes attorneys rich and farmers poor.
Excuse me MR. Raimaroad...Very Young? my company have been in business since 1974. Before you try to bash me get your facts straight. also your not from New Jersey so how would you know our fines and laws here?..In the last 3yrs our wonderful state has been cracking down on dumping glass clippings. They have fined local farmers that have dumped grass on there property. 1 method of this is by Infared by Helicopter. According to DEP grass clippings contaminate our soil because of all the chemicals absorbed into the blades from the use of fertilizer and insecticides. Know your facts, all i asked was a simple question, and look who shows there face....Mr. KNOWITALL
So composting is illegal in New Jersey! Wouldn't have ever thought the EPA would be against it. With that mentality of NJ--mowing and throwing the clipping out to the side would be illegal.
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