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Grass Clippings

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A friend of mine asked me the other day what are the pros and cons of dumping small amounts of grass clippings in a large hole at his farm... he said the hole is approx 40X20ft and 8ft deep. hes thinking of dumping a yard of grass clippings every week... he also stated he'd fill in the hole and the end of the year with soil........i know its illegal and the fines are steep!
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I use yard trimmings on a 100 acre farm and they work great! I also get tippage fees as a bonus.

One document I use for reference just happens to come from Rutgers and it says "clippings may be applied to farmland, provided permission is obtained from the NJDEP". Not sure if it still complies with any newer regs. Dumping into a pit may be considered to be "landfilling" so that may be a different set of regs.

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