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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rbruchwalski, Feb 16, 2003.

  1. rbruchwalski

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    :dizzy: :confused: I am in the process of starting a lawn care business and I was wondering what everyone does with the grass clippings. Do you take them to the local landfill/dump or do you just bag them and use the regular trash pick-up? Any info would be of great assistance. Thanks
  2. Lawn Specialties

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    I dump mine at the local compost site. They charge $1.00 per 33 gallon barrel. Around her there is a huge fine ( like $5,000) for putting yard waste in the land fill.
  3. mdb landscaping

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    I side discharge all my lawns. there is no reason to collect the clippings, unless there are beds located everywhere and you dont want to get grass everywhere. its healthier for the lawn to leave the clippings on it.
  4. greenman

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    On the rare occasion that I dont mulch (I'm not talking about leaves here, just grass), it is bagged and put to the curb or dumpster.
  5. Randy Scott

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    Keep your fingers working on the web and look into reasons clippings are left on the lawns. As you learn more you will realize the advantages of leaving clippings lay. Both financially for yourself and the health of a lawn.
  6. bob

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    Sise discharge them. If you bag them, your still working to get rid of them,long after you've left the lawn they came from.
  7. paponte

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    We dump all of our clippings at the town compost facility. We get charged $40.00 a ton.
  8. lawnagent

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    Lucky for me my mulch kit baffles remove in about a minute. I mulch whenever i can. I realize that discharging is good for the yards as opposed to bagging. My main reason for mulching is that you get that good well groomed look like you bagged although you didnt.
  9. lsylvain

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    I say don't bag unless you have to. When you do bag take the clippings home and pile them up ad some lime table scraps, leaves and anything else that will rot turn it over every now and then when you feel like it. Then sell it back to the customer as top soil in a few years. You would be surprised how fast clippings disappear. They can get pretty stinky though.
  10. PR0 TURF

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    We've got a mountain of a compost pile over where we rent some outdoor storage...all of our clippings/debris go rite there.
    Not too sure what we'd do without it though.

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