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Grass Cut Contractors - Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Sande Elders, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Sande Elders

    Sande Elders LawnSite Member
    Messages: 6

    Hiring Grass Cut Vendors to begin grass cut season April 1 – Oct 31

    Berghorst Enterprises, a property preservation company based out of Holland Michigan is seeking qualified and experienced lawn maintenance companies to complete lawn care on foreclosed homes.

    Needed Equipment:
    Internet capability via field to send photos directly to the Berghorst office
    Lawn Mower
    Trimmer/Weed Whacker
    Blower for clippings/Or broom to sweep
    Weed Killer (if needed for driveway)

    Requirements include and are not limited to:
    Measuring the lot (to obtain an accurate lot size)
    Completing the grass cut
    Cutting and trimming overgrowth
    Debris Removal (if applicable)
    Weed Whacking
    Reporting all debris and damages at the property (Additional work may be available to qualified companies)
    Taking photos before/during/after of all work completed (additional training provided)
    Taking photos and reporting all debris/damages at the property (additional training provided)
    Uploading photos and filling out a report via internet directly from field

    Additional training will be provided, all interested parties must fill out a vendor application and submit it back to Berghorst Enterprises, an interview will also take place to speak with each qualified candidate to discuss more details of what Berghorst Enterprises values and goals are.

    Visit berghorstenterprises.com for a vendor application or email sandrae@berghorstenterprises.com for more information

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