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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by ropenwendy, Sep 26, 2008.

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    I work for a K-12 school in central kansas with a low grounds budget. I am pretty much a one man department getting no more than 30 hours per week for all of the grounds and some transportation duties. Our soccer field is on the school playground so it gets used all of the time. It is mainly weeds and bare spots on about 3/4 of an acre. I am relatively new to taking care of sports fields and was wondering what kind of grass would be best to put on this with a concern to climate,time, and money. As I mentioned I also have alot of other duties, the total acreage that the school is on is approximately 60 acres. Thank for all of your help.
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    I am too far away to be familiar with your local conditions. I'm guessing you are on the southern edge of cool season grasses.

    Sounds like there is no irrigation available? It also sounds like the kind of situation where they will appreciate any improvement you are able to make that does not also interrupt their use of the field as either a soccer field or a playground.

    Without seeing what you have, I would fertilize it heavily to improve what is already there. Around a week later would be a good time to spray for broadleaf weeds. Broadleaf herbicides are cheap (but you need a sprayer that can be calibrated). You could probably take care of the weeds over the entire 3/4 acre for $35-$40. Two bags of a good balanced fertilizer somewhere around $35 each. If you could get 100# of seed approved and put that down about a week after the weed killer you will begin to see some improvements. The weeds you have are probably those typical in areas that are under fertilized and compacted from heavy use. Begining work on the compaction by aerating wil also give your see a better chance of germinating. This is something you can rent a machine to or hire done.

    I hope you get some other tips here, it sounds a little like the school where my wife works.

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