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Grass Gator Chrome Dome trimmer head


LawnSite Member
Does anybody here have any experience with these? The metal bump button is very attractive to me; my helper is an expert at wearing them out!

I've looked at one at Home Depot, it's made and loads very much like a RedMax head and holds about 50% more line than most heads. I'm thinking I'm going to give one a try.



LawnSite Silver Member
West Bend WI
I have something like that on one of my trimmers. It's ok. But my 2 complaints, you have to have the head spinning very fast in order to get any string to come out, and you have to tap it on the concrete otherwise it puts a hole in the ground because the tapper is not flat. It has ridges on it that dig into the ground. You should just buy an Echo head. I've heard they are nice and probably cost the same amount.


LawnSite Member