Grass gobbler rubbing on the ground

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by TheLugNutZ, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. TheLugNutZ

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    So i picked up a used Hydro WB a few weeks ago that included a grass gobbler brand bagger. Really no issues, except that the bagger has VERY little ground clearance, even on perfectly flat ground. Sometimes when the ground isnt completely flat, it catches on the grass, leaving an ugly mark and sometimes it catches so bad on the ground that it pops off the machine.

    Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a simple remedy? I was thinking to fabricate some sort of small metal piece in a wedge shape that goes between the bagger and the mower, however I dont know how to weld so thats not really an option at this point.

    I really want to come up with a solution before spring. Like I said, when it catches the ground it tears up the grass pretty bad and I cant have that happen at someone elses home...

  2. echo

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    Either raise the deck unless its at a desired cut level or get somebody to weld a "wedge" to offset it.

    If you're gonna stay in this business I'd suggest getting a small flux core welder. Theyre inexpensive, simple to learn to use and comes in extremely handy for issues just like this.
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  3. TheLugNutZ

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    Thanks ill look into one.
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  4. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    I have a gobber and yes it has those problems. Have to run the deck higher to avoid. For me, its 3'+ or it comes off.

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    Simply shim the catcher bottom front off the mower as stated above. Also IMO purchase a gas fed welder as opposed to flux core. It is just cleaner and better welds.
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  6. ashgrove landscaping

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    Metal wears and tears...It's no secret. Deal with it how ever you can. Pretty small issue to discussing on a lawn forum if ya ask me....
  7. wilsonsground

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    I took a tie down strap wrapped around the far side of the thatcher bar, then hooked to the handle of the bagger and tightened it enough to get it from rubbing the ground. Also helps when the bagger is full of soaking wet grass, works well for me.
  8. TheLugNutZ

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    Thanks for the suggestions. Guess it's a fairly common issue.

    Sorry ashgrove if the issue wasn't important enough in your opinion to start a thread on it. Next time maybe you shouldn't click.
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