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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bettern'goats, Jul 19, 2002.

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    Bought a demoed scag turf tiger last week and I got an issue. The plastic chute was taken off the deck and the mower is blowing grass eleven feet. So in order to blow the clippings away from houses, flowers, shrubbery, etc., i have to mow two 61 inch strips around the before mentioned areas blowing grass into an unmowed portion of the lawn, so that when I begin my back and forth routine I'm not blasting their hposes,beds, and the like with grass. This is where the problem begins. I have 10 feet of grass clippings atop of 61 inches of unmowed grass and the mower isn't clipping em' up fine enough for them to settle. Talked to scag guru today and he told me situations vary but, for the most part a pro mulching kit would work well cutting no more than 1 1/2 inches off any particular lawn, excluding spring. My mower has a 27 hp liquid cooled engine. Just needing info regarding this issue. All suggestions are greatly appreciated.




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    I think your scag dealer is trying to sell you more stuff. I also think that all of this talk about mulching blades, baffles and the plate to cover the discharge is a load of snake oil.

    I see too that you're from here in Tennessee. As you know, we've been getting unbeleivable abounts of rain and the grass seems to need mowing again about the time we load up and leave.

    I think the mulching kits have come into vogue because too many lawncare guys are letting their customers make their decisions for them. "It don't need it no more 'n once ever 2 weeks." If you're mowing every week you won't have near the amount to deal with. Tell the customer that the yard simply cannot go for very long and then you be expected to make it look good. In many cases I've had to tell my customers that their yards need to be mowed twice a week at least for a few weeks.

    If you've been doing this for very long, you already know that you should be mowing when the grass has grown no more than half an inch. If it's going longer, a mulching kit is not going to be the solution. Tell your customers that you're not in the bush hog business.

    I always do 2 laps around with my 60" deck before I start making my stripes. That has always been normal. I've always thought ahead and chosen the pattern where it would have the least amount of inpact on the mulch beds. Then in the few places that I did get clippings in the beds, I could fairly easily spot clean it.

    I don't want to go off on to a discussion of pre-emergents but no mulch bed should be without them.

    Also, don't confine your stripes to running parrallel with the drive or the house or the street. Get creative. I usually start my stripes by mowing directly into the sun. When you stripe, all you're doing is combing the nap of the grass so that it catches the light differently. By going into the sun you make maximum use of the light and your stripes show up best. The following week I choose a different pattern/direction. The third week I'm back on the very first pattern and back in exactly the same tracks. Light colored stripes leaning away from you and the dark ones are leaning toward you. Always mow the light colored stripes. When you get to the end and turn, why look!! The stripe you just mowed is now dark so mow one of the light ones next to it.

    I really need to quit rambling
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    Check out the OCDC on a Chopper and see if you can have somebody (or yourself) rig one up. Best thing since sliced bread. Also might want to take the high lift blades off and use a low lift or gator.

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