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    Heya Everyone -

    Although I am a "new" member, I have been reading posts and learning from this forum/site for two years now.

    Last Fall I designed a striping system that used two rows of looped rubber sections mounted to the rear of the deck on my 54" JD X500. I started to look at changing the design up a couple weeks ago and noticed that John Deere has new attachment that is called a "grass groomer lawn striping kit Model LP1002".

    I saw a couple earlier posts about people who bought this, but didn't see any good feedback on how the brushes worked for striping and how durable they were (although be buying the kit more for the mounting hardware).

    The pricetag is $109 which isn't too bad. My concept comes in at ~$50, but the mouting bracket isn't as nice.

    Thanks for the feedback!
  2. mnglocker

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    What's your time worth? JD has the kit down pat and it works great. I've got 80 hours on mine without a single hickup.

    MNPIKE LawnSite Member
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    That's good to hear. I really liked how it was mounted to the deck, but I hadn't heard of anyone using brushes to create the striping effect...only chains, rollers, or mats.
  4. mrploww

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    So what are the chances of one of these fitting on a '97 JD 345 with a 54" deck? I am sure they have changed the deck design at some point. Anyone try one on an older JD?

  5. Richard Martin

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    The designed applications are:

    LA145, LA165, LA175, X320, X324, X340, X360, X500, X520, X534, X540

    I'd check and see what the difference between the 340 and 345 are. It may not have anything to do with the deck.

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