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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MikeKle, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. MikeKle

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    I am thinking of running some differrent blades this year. I did a search on Gator Magnum super hi-lift and found alot of info, but on the fusion and grass hawg searches and it only came up with 2 results. Are the grasshawgs just basically a gator by another company? I really want to try the super hi-lift magnums as people have said their vacuum and discharge is incredible! Is it worth it for the fusion treatment? I have always had trouble keeping blades at the correct cutting angle, after a couple months, the cutting edge angle is more like 45 degree angle or worse! Finally some say the Oregon gators are the best and thickest and some say the Stens are the thickest model, which actually use the thickest steel?? I have always used OEM exmark blades on my TT and for the first few weeks they work fine, but after that, they tend to windrow and leave alot of clumps.Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. Jason Rose

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    Good luck finding the high lift Gators. I've tried and tried to find them, even bought them and ended up receiving the standard kind. Most catalogs have them pictured side by side with the standard ones, so I know what they should look like... Most of them should be .25" thickness That's pretty stndard for all commercial mower blades.

    Yes, the grass hogs are just a knock off of the Gators. Better or worse? I don't know.

    The fusion treatment on the underside of the blade edge only helps keep the edge sharp maybe 1/3 longer than a normal blade. You still have to sharpen them. Sounds like you need a better method of sharpening if you can't keep the edge angle where it should be.

    Here's the thing, if your factory blades, assuming a low or medium lift, were leaving clumps and clogging the deck. The gators will make that worse. Because of the notches in the lifts they want to not throw the grass as far and with the force of a normal blade. If you are having problems with clumps/clogging you need to try some high lift standard blades.
  3. 4.3mudder

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    I have the high lift gator mulcher magnum blades from Oregon on my lazer z. They are great, for leaves, they are superb. I can blow leaves all in a yard, I mean a whole lot, and I can run over them a few times, gone, it chops those leaves up to nothing. It is great in grass like bermuda. When the grass is layed over due to traffic form people walking or parked cars, it will lift grass up 90% of the time. There are great, I can't remeber where I got them though. You can go to Oregon's website and check out to see if they have them for your specific app.
  4. TheOctagon

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    The oregon blades are heat treated much better than the stens equivelant. I would recommend the oregons over them any day.
  5. MikeKle

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    Standard high lift blades are what comes standard on the TT, right? The pics Ive seen of high lift blades are what I have been using, and they do clump and clog pretty bad during wet morning cutting. I almost have to wait til the dew drys out to mow, which I hate doing because I have so many to do in a day! I have heard others say using the high lift gators creates a stronger discharge force?, and someone said in an above reply in makes the discharge weaker? It must be different result on different mowers and types of grass??? It is hard to find the Magnums, I can only find the regular gators? I may just call Oregon directly. I guess I will give them a shot and see how they work in a few weeks, and if they dont work, I will put them away until the leaves start falling!!
  6. 4.3mudder

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    One thing is all decks are different. The have different heighths, baffling systems and all of that. It's almost like trying to find that right blade for that specific application in the specific type of grass. I never had a problem with high lifts clogging up, but, I can say they are more of a strain on the engine because all of the force it takes to turn them to draw the vacuum. I can't cut too short or do way too may leaves at a time.

    Now, for discharge wise I don't know about the magnums how well they perform because all my stuff has baffles. But, you should be able to go to their website and find some for yours. WHat do you have? what is the length and hole size?
  7. MikeKle

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    I need an 18" blade with a 15/16" center hole. I have checked all the mower parts places and only a few have my size. Landscaper Pro has them for $11. each, and I waiting for a reply from Oregon. I have seen low lift blades as well, Anyone know what those are used for?

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