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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jake65, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. jake65

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    I have a lawn I am cutting in the New York area. The lawn is fertalized as recommended by another company. The lawn is very thick and lush. On the average I have been keeping it at 4". Only reason I am not going any shorter is the fear of this lawn browning up. I see that the first half of the blade of grass is browning up, even where there has been an abundance of water. I am thinking it is time to aerate. Maybe the soil needs air to breath and allow nutrients to the roots. I see lawns cut at short lengths (2.5''), without aeration, that maitain its green lush color.

  2. jake65

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    80 views and no one has any input?
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    You would think cutting it longer would be better for the grass under the same circumstances (water,fertlizer, etc). I wouldn't think cutting it down to 2.5 is going to help in the long run. There are guys on here that know alot more than me so I'm surpised you haven't gotten a reply. The uppers 90's stressed the grass here for about a week and some of LCO's let it rest and didn't cut. I guess you need to find out the problem first. Lack of water, heat, disease? Lots of pros out there, help the guy out.
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    What type of grass is it?

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    Are your blades sharp? Dull blades will have a similar effect on the tips.
  6. wahlturfcare

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    Jake you might make sure that you have equal tire pressure on your mower and not cutting alittle short on one side. I have also seen that is you use liquid fert. and a rider for it that alot of times the fert will spray onto the tires and leave tracks(been done to some of mine from 2 companies), also the heat, too much fert, or reflections from glass and stuff will leave brown spots. you also might have a bent blade.
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    Thanks for the responses!!
    The mower is new and have 40 hours on the blades and haven't been sharpened yet. I do check frequently. How often should one sharpen blades in light use. I have also checked the blades on both sides and are level. Is there a universal rule of thumb for deck pitch? I have the standard high lift blades that came with the ZTR.

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    Your blades need sharpen badly my friend!!!
  9. jake65

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    looking around on the site i see blades are being sharpened frequently. I think this will be my first step to resolve this issue. Is there a specific technique? I have a bench grinder I used to use on my small push mower for my own lawn.

  10. TNT Lawncare

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    Sharpen your blades atleast every 15 hours. After about 3 or 4 days mine are dull as a butter knife.

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