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Grass ID/How to repair/where to start


LawnSite Member
Winter Haven FL
Ive got a problem, I live in FL and need some help with a Grass Identification, and what to do to repair the grass. I almost hired someone, but I figures I would give it one more whirl.....I have 2 large oak trees in the front yard and the grass is extremly thin in those areas, But if you can Tell me what kind of grass this is and where you would start...I would apperciate it....

I dont know how to post pics, but if you could send me your e-mail and I can send you the pictures...Sorry

Thanks in Advance

Mark in MD

LawnSite Senior Member
Very few lawns are of one variety. I recommend you go to a garden shop, tell them your problem, and they'll be happy to sell you some grass seed. They'll even tell you how to plant it and water it. Get some hay to spread around too, after you plant.

If you really want to guarantee success, cut the two oaks down. :)


LawnSite Senior Member
Oh, that's grass alright. Crabgrass. I don't think you can buy that at homedepot.
With the advent of the internet, I am sure someone somewhere has crabgrass seed for sale.

I would round up the entire yard, spend a day with your new friends two weeks later: Peat moss, top soil and grass seed.