Grass in Beds?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by MOOSE, May 9, 2007.

  1. MOOSE

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    Hi, I have many maintenace jobs that have ground cover that has grass in it, but landed new job and groundcover loaded with grass. What can I get from Lesco that can be sprayed over top of groundcover or even junipers to eliminate the grass. Pulling is too time consuming plus it just comes back. Thanks
  2. americanlawn

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    I forgot the name of the product, but LESCO sells it. Use a fine mist (backpack sprayer) and a little spreader/sticker.
  3. olive123

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    fusiladeII for over the top grass. I think image is labled for over the top of juniper for nutgrass and others.
  4. lilmarvin4064

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    what kind of grass are you trying to kill?
  5. TPLawnPro

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    I went to Lesco this afternoon with the same issue of grass growing in flower beds. I'm dealing with Torpedo grass. The Lesco representative recommended that I use fusilade - the product that (Olive 123) mentioned in his post.

    The other alternative recommended to me was to use Roundup. I was instructed to wear rubber gloves, get a sponge and soak it with Roundup, then wipe the blades of Torpedo grass with the sponge.

    I believe I am going to try the Roundup option first.

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