grass in flowers help.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by robbo521, Sep 13, 2007.

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    my mom has a very large flower bed with some nice bushes and some flowers but it is covered in weeds and grass.she dont want to kill her plants only the grass,what can she use.the spray i use around home kills whatever it gets on,we use it on our fence rows.
  2. robbo521

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    :waving: anybody want to help?
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    Well, There are 2 catagories of weed killers you can buy AFTER the weed has grown: Selective and Non-Selective. Non-Selective herbicides kill everything you spray them on, like what you did on your fence rows. This may work (possibly) in your instance if you buy a "Roundup"- type product and a one or two gallon hand sprayer. You would have to CAREFULLY go between and around each plant, though. Here's a trick you can try that's worked for me! Take a LARGE paper cup (like a big Wendy's Frosty cup) and carefully cut a hole in the bottom JUST the size of the diameter of the threads of the spray nozzle. Fit the nozzle through the cup bottom so that the nozzle points downward through the 'cone'. 'Rig' a couple of washers on both sides of the cup, and silicone it together. You now have made a protective spray shield that will help ensure that you'll not have spray drift kill flowers, etc!!

    If you have a LESCO store around, you can buy a product called 'Fusilade II' that is a SELECTIVE herbicide, able to kill grasses 'over the top' of landscape ornamentals! Be prepared to pay maybe $60 or so per quart, though. A bottle of that would last a homeowner FOREVER!

    The best control, though, is prevention. Immediately after the flowers are planted, do you or your mom use any type of PRE- EMERGENT HERBICIDE like Treflan or Dimension to help prevent this type of problem? Or did you do that and it 'broke through' anyway? How much and what type of mulch was used?
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    Lesco no longer carries the fusilade product. They carry a product called sethoxydim e-pro which runs about 100 bucks and comes in a gallon jug. You only use about 1.5 oz per gallon at the most. Here is a pdf label.

    Make sure you check the 'over the top' label on this for the exact type of flowers you have. It has been known to kill flowers if used incorrectly. To keep these weeds from popping up in the first place, use snapshot granular preemergent. It is very safe around flowers. Use it at the high rate and you will only need to apply it twice a year to keep it bare. Before planting annual flowers next year, kill off the existing weeds with glyphosate. Then plant the flowers. Then sprinkle on the snapshot and water it in. You will have a clean flower bed for up to 8 months. Good luck!

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