Grass in mulch beds

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by smoothbore2004, Apr 20, 2008.

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    Hey guys not really a landscaper but I am responsible for taking care of mulch/flower beds. This spring I was at one of my stops doing the spring cleaning and I could not believe how much grass and I mean well developed grass that was growing in the mulch and all through the flowers. It took me over an hour to pull as much as I could out. Now I know I am gonna be fighting this all summer and not to mention the weeds. I did put down a product called Snapshot by lesco. Hope this will control any weeds that have not popped up yet. But I dont think it works on grass. What do you suggest to use to stop it and not hurt any of the flowers or shrubs? What do you suggest I can use to get rid of any other grass that I might have missed.
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    good luck I would try round up if you can then. Keep pulling a way
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    did you water in the snapshot? also check the label but I think snapshot ain't the best thing for annuals, and also get them to bag their clipping or at least make a few passes around your beds w/ them blowing clipping away instead of into.
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    what king of turf do you have ?

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