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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by frito, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. frito

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    Does anyone know whats the easiest way to get grass clippings out of mulch.I always blow the other way, but today was so windy and grass was going everywhere//////?>>
  2. MMike

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    I blow it out w/ blower on low setting, vac it out with blower/vac on lowered setting, or curse turn mulch with a rake.
  3. fiveoboy01

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    I always do whatever I can to keep grass out of mulch beds. Sometimes it's difficult to do and in your case impossible.

    I'll use my hand held blower with an almost-idling setting to get most of the grass out. Usually I'll end up with a small amount of mulch outside of the bed, which I will pick up by hand and throw back into the bed.
  4. nobagger

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    Bag your clippings and you wont have that problem. I know what ya mean though, last year there were a few days where it was 30mph winds and grass was flying everywhere so we decided to just bag. We probably saved quite a bit of time vs. blowing out flowerbeds.
  5. dhardin53

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    A hand blower will get more grass clipping out of the mulch if you let the grass dry out before you try blowing grass and much out at the same time. The grass will loose over half its weight when dry, making it easer to lightly dust off the mulch. To much direct blower pressure will remove more mulch than grass some times.
  6. Meg-Mo

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    Put the ADVANCE CHUTE SYSTEM on your mowers.

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