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Grass is growing already!!!!!!!


LawnSite Silver Member
Is anyone else having their grass start growing about 3-4 weeks earlier than what is historically normal? It's usually not growing until the 3rd or 4th week in April but we've had a week or more of temperatures in the 60's and even upper 70's with rain and it's been starting to slightly grow over the last couple of days. I'm going to have to bust my butt to get spring clean-ups done as this came unexpeceted and don't even have my equipment out of storage yet because normally I wouldn't need to.


LawnSite Fanatic
They started about the 2nd week of March here but not all lawns. Still a few tights customers that don't want it mowed till April even though it needs it. Grass has been green all Winter.

So yes we started 3 weeks early.

J&R Landscaping

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Bensalem, PA
I'll have to check my records from last year as I don't remember when I started cutting last year but I know I will be starting earlier this year!


LawnSite Platinum Member
We started cutting today here in maryland. This is right about the time we normaly start so I say its on schedule here. Next week we will have about half of our accounts to cut then after that we should be full swing.

Team-Green L&L

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Cincinnati, Ohio
Mowing season will begin on the 1st this season. It is historically (and contractually) scheduled to begin on the 14th, but who's complaining?