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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by stanley2113, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. stanley2113

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    This is for my own property. I have about 4 acres that is mostly weeds that I would like to kill and try to get some some grass growing. There are two ponds on the land and cattle on the lots to one side and the back of the property.

    My plan was to just get some normal Round-Up and just do small patches since I have plenty of time to do this.

    After reading other posts I don't think I can get anything too strong without a license.

    At this point I am just trying to find out what my options are.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. indyturf

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    Round-Up is probably your best choice and you don't need a license if its your own lawn. its one of the safest and most effective products on he market. I would recommend checking out some of the RU clones on the market such as Razor-Pro and you can save some $$. also I would recommend spraying an area then waiting a couple weeks and spray it again to control any new germination. you can seed after the second spraying as the round-up will only kill weeds or grass through the leaf surface.
  3. Runner

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    Yep. If you have a Tractor Supply Co. around you, they sell a product called Pronto. It is glyphosate - the same thing as Roundup, just much cheaper. Of course, there are other sources, too.
  4. Ric

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    As Runner has suggested With 4 acres you would be best advised to purchase Glyphosate in 2 to 2.5 gallon jugs for economic reasons. Glyphosate is the Common chemical name for Roundup (to keep this simple) and it can be now purchased as a generic.

    Not being from your area I can not advise you on grass seed. Our Northern Neighbors Like to plant in the fall to keep weeds out of the newly planted seed. Part of your seed selection process should be weed control consideration. Different varieties of grass can be weed controlled easier than others. You may want to contact your County extension service for some advise on seed selection and best time of the year to plant it. Should you desire to run grazing animals on your acreage seed selection has still an other issue.
  5. stanley2113

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    Thanks for the advice everyone. I know there is a feed store not far from our property so I will check there.

    How close can I get to the ponds with the round up? Is it something that will get into the water with run off?
  6. Runner

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    Gly is relatively safe, and deactivates as soon as it hits the soil. The main thing is, is to read the label and use the proper amounts. If used properly, you are putting on just enough to be used and absorbed by the plants.
  7. Ric

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    NO Roundup is not safe for your pond
    . Glyophosate it's self is not the problem, but the surfactants (the additives that made it work better) are dangerous and will kill fish. Read the Roundup label and you will see it is not labeled to even spray in Ditches that drain property. However Aqua Master is a Glyophosate that doesn't have the surfactants and is safe to use to control weeds in your pond. I actually don't buy Roundup and only use Aqua Master as my Glyophosate weed killer. BTW I do add a surfactant called DLZ or Droplet Landing Zone to the Aqua Master that is safe for Ponds. BTW The DLZ costs more than the Aqua Master per gallon.

    Since I do both pond weed control and also lawn kill outs for a sod company, I use a lot of Glyophosate and even have a 25 Gallon 12V sprayer that I keep full of Aqua Master. These sprayer can be purchased at Northern Tool or Tractor Supply for around $ 125.00.
  8. stanley2113

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    I wasn't going to spray the ru in the pond just wanted to see if getting close the pond would do damage. I will look for the Aqua Master to spray around the pond. I didn't even think about the damage from spraying in the ditch so thanks for that tip. I planned on using a weed eater, but I will tell my mom and stepdad not to spray in the ditch to make sure they know not to do it.

    Lots of good info, thanks.
  9. turf hokie

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    You may want to look into a Glyphosate that does not have "Pro" such as Round-up vs. Round-up Pro.
    I know I had to spray along the water here and used a product from Lesco called Prosecutor, it is their off label of Round-up and the label says it can be sprayed to the high tide water line

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