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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by OX Landworks, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. OX Landworks

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    Any one know of a chemical to kill bermuda grass quickly? I've been using a generic round-up, and even round up Quick Pro, but these all say to wait seven days before tilling.
  2. kmann

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    Round-up super concentrate says it will kill in 48 hrs.
  3. Runner

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    Once sprayed, it is not necessary to wait for the whole plant to turn all brown. That is just something that happens in time as a RESULT of the plant being dead. Usually one to two days for the chem. to fully translocate through the plant. Even if the plant is still green (many of times you will see atleast SOME die-back, like a little discoloration or leafedges drying), you can still just till it up.
    The problem you have with YOUR situation in particular, is that you are working with a turfgrass that spreads by rhyzomes and tillers. Therefore, even after it is sprayed, you can still have stolons coming up later that are unaffected by the gly. There are certain situations (bentgrass and ivys are examples of others) that once it is sprayed, it is best to wait awhile (for the subsoil stuff to emerge) and respray. Patience is a virtue in situations like this, because it is all to easy to get reinfestation of the undesired crop and then all the work is rendered useless.
  4. Team-Green L&L

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    Well, stated...your tiller will introduce the chemical to the unaffected root systems. What's wrong with cutting out the sod and tilling the soil under?
  5. OX Landworks

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    My problem with cutting out the sod is that there are many cases here in Oklahoma where a sod cutter simply scoots itself along ontop of the ground, the soil can become very hard here. And secondly, that is a lot of extra work that I don't believe would end up being as effective due to the spreading nature of bermuda grass.
  6. AAELI

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    Tilling WILL NOT introduce Roundup to the unaffected root systems! Read the label! Roundup is a contact killer that translocates and is made inactive/degraded by soil contact. That is why it is one of the safest chems to use for non-selective spraying. NO residual action either which is why the newly sprouted rhizomes require spot spraying.

    As for cutting the sod and tilling, there are always a few rhizomes untouched if you don't get deep enough. Bermuda rhizomes can really get down deep. In his hard soil there may be a few deeper than he can till.
  7. OX Landworks

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    Good call AAELI.

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