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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by code54, Mar 25, 2008.

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    I been working on leveling out our yard and fixing the old "stump holes." Now it is time to get some grass growing. I live in Charleston WV and we have a LOT of clay right up to the surface. The yard has a lot of bare spots and even a bunch of moss growing on it. I was planning on trying to add some top soil but cant do the yard due to the size (2.5 acres). I got some 10 10 10 fertilizer to throw on then was planning on throw about 100 lbs of grass seed or the bad areas. Any suggestions on the type of seed and anything else I need to do to get grass to grow. Is there any grass that grows on clay? I am not looking for a perfect lawn and dont care too much about weeds being mixed in, we just want it green and to be able to cut it. Thanks!!!
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    On the bare areas, loosen up the clay and mix in some bagged topsoil and peatmoss, maybe use a perennial rye seed, quickest to germinate. Toss in some starter fert. and water. This wont get you a perfect lawn, but grass will grow. I'm not too familiar with moss, may want to deal with that first.
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    Do you have a lot of shade where the moss is growing? If you don't and the moss is out in the open your dealing with soil that does not dry out. It's very difficult to establish any type of turf that has to compete with moss. The moss usually wins. You said you fixed a couple of stump holes. If the area had a lot of shade than you just eliminated the cause of the moss. For the variety of turf, contact your local University Extension office and explain to them what conditions you have and what you want to achieve. They should be able to recommend a turf seed for your application. Good Luck!
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    You might want to research moss. The typical growing environment is near the first stages of the continuum from algae to angiosperms, as i recall. In other words it is one of the few things that will grow there.

    Figure out why and fix it if possible. My guess is likely an impermeable surface, which is common to clay soils up here too.
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    Thank you for the help!
    The moss is in a pretty sunny are BUT there is a LOT of clay in the soil. Your ideas are a great help. I am off to do some additional checking.
    Thanks all

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