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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JLong, Aug 9, 2008.

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    has anyone ever used or seen a "grass packer" used on a midmount zero turn. I've found one kinda cheap and am looking for a way to catch clipings with my 717 insead of haveing to use my old gravely. I don't have to catch stuff often but occationally and for leaves.

    any input would be nice
  2. JLong

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    sorry to bother everyone just kinda wanting to act fast...
    so back to the top
  3. Roger

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    I have a Grass Packer on my JD 717A. I use it on two properties.

    It is a low-cost solution for limited use. One of the properties is about 17K sq ft of turf to be bagged, and I collect anywhere from 19 down to six GPs. The other one is about 15K sq ft, and I typically get 5-7 GPs.

    It works well, until it gets nearly full. Then it will leave a little row, or small clump at the entrance. The residual isn't much, and if necessary, just spread it later with my foot. Most of the time, no spreading is necessary.

    It mounts quickly and easily. The deflector comes off with one pull of the pin. The spring comes out with the pin. The GP intake frame has a pin that engages the square hole at the top of the discharge chute. The pin slips into that hole. So, it is very easy on, and very easy off.

    When unloading, I take off the rubber cord from the door before taking it off the mower. The door will not open until I get to the dumping area and turn the GP on end. The door comes open, and the clipping inside slide out quickly.

    If you have more questions, PM for more information.

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