Grass Parking Lot Matting

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by PSTW13, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. PSTW13

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    I am looking for some help in locating a plastic honeycomb matting, that would be installed under a grass lawn. The matting would allow for vehicle parking on the lawn, supporting & distributing the load. Unilock does make a product for this purpose (Turfstone & Dura-Mat) out of masonry materials.

    The plastic matting (if available) would be less expensive to use and apply, than the hand-layed unilock products.

    Any info is appreciated.


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    I think they sell the stuff you are looking for. Don't know if they have any locations near you, I do know there is one in the Indianapolis area. That doesn't do you much good though....

  3. PSTW13

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    Dan: Thanks for the info.

    That is the stuff I was thinking about. I'll continue my search for an New England supplier.

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  5. PSTW13

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    The Grasspave is availible in roll form, best for my use.
    I'll be checking on prices today.

    Thanks again:


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