Grass question- too many different species

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CWG, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. CWG

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    I'm looking around for info on how to get about 5 fairly large lawns (30Kish) to all have the same species of grass growning.
    A mix of four kinds as far as I can tell- if I keep the lawns cut short the broadleaf look burnt, left longer (3") the lawns look lumpy (not sure if thats the right term) Will fertilizer alone kill the broadleafs letting the finer stuff come in? I'm hoping not to re-turf.
    Thanks- CWG
  2. Richard Martin

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    My experiences with True Green/Chem Lawn fertilizer only programs has shown me that weedy lawns that only receive fert will have fast growing weeds and lots of them. A yearly application of Pre-Em in late winter/early spring does an amazing job of removing weeds. It takes longer then if you were to do a complete applications program but it works.
  3. JoeinJasper

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    What specis of grasses are there? There are different types of herbicides that are selective for different grasses. Chose a dominant type of grass select a herbice.
  4. GreenDream

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    You need to introduce you ideal grass to the lawn. The best way to get rid of the unwanted grasses is to aerate and overseed with a kind of grass that you want on the lawn. This way the ideal grasses will choke out the grasses that you do not want. Herbicide will only take care of broadlead weeds. You want to do the aeration and overseeding in the fall to get the most amount of germination out of the seed.
  5. CWG

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    thanks for the input-

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