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    I recently had turf builder put down and I wanted to level out some spots in my grass but I think my fertilizer guy used some with halts. Can I still add dirt and grow grass on that dirt? Some areas i will be adding 4 and some is just to fill in some holes.
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  2. dKoester

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    In short yes. Only on that fresh topsoil.
  3. GreenI.A.

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    rake the area really really good. This will help the crabgrass preventor brake down some machanically. Then put down a descent layer of laom, the thicker the better. If you can do 2 inches or more that would be best, but 1" of topsiol will work. This will give you a buffer between the new seed and the previous soil that was treated. The way most of the crab grass preventors work is that they prune the roots, killing fresh root growth of the newly germinating crabgrass and desired grasses aswell. Putting the 1-2" buffer of fresh soil down will allow the seed to begin to root before coming in contact with the treated soil. This isn't 100% effective you you will still have a high percentage of seed not germinate, and a large protion of what germinates will die off or be severly stressed out once it roots down a few inches. I usually put down a considerable amount of extra seed when doing this.

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