Grass seeding - over-seed ugly!

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by meets1, May 3, 2007.

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    Last fall a potential client hires landscape crew #1 to landscape, irrigation system, seed. Crew #2 is hire to spray weeds cuz the new seed was pretty weedy.

    Today I get a call asking about our fertilizer program. I stop, measure, nice big house, big corner lot, but i notice the seed job right away. This lady comes out cussing about the last crew cause the yard is UGLY! In places the drill skipped out 4 - 10 inches paths throughout the lawn, then in other places the entire lenght of the drill, there is nothing for a few feet and then the seed resumes again. Just a bad job and I know this crew and they are up till now pretty awesome with there work. But the whole landscape layout and irrigation layout is just wrong!

    I do some of this work but what are, if any, your suggestions about how to fix this lawn without re-doing the entire thing?

    The lady said she has yet to pay for the seeding and this compnay said ok. by by!
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    JUst give her a price on redoing whatever needs to be done.

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