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mountain man

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North Carolina
It seems like in the last week we have spent alot of extra time cleaning off the driveways. No matter how careful we are, the grass is immediately staining the concrete anywhere it gets on it. Any ideas of how to clean up quickly without having to hose down the stains?

Eric ELM

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The best thing is to stay off the driveway until it has been blown off. It sounds like your driving over the clippings or walking on them. That's the only way I've seen that you would stain a driveway with clippings.<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>


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I've had this problem when I cut real wet or in the early morning (dew). What I try to do is stay off unless absolutly necessary and if it gets on and is wet I take the backpack blower and blow the hell out of it and move it around. Its not as good as hosing but it shows you tried. Unless you have a real anal customer it works ok.


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I teach my helpers to never drive over paved areas. If you have to cross a paved area make sure the blades have stopped running. The running blades will suspend grass in your deck and surely drop a load of grass clippings on the pavment.

mountain man

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North Carolina
All our guys know not to run the mowers with the blades running over the driveway and road. I played around this morning and didn't have the bad stains except where I loaded the mower back on the trailer. What is happening is the grass clippings are sticking to the tires and when the tires go across a hard surface it leaves the stain.<p>


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Hey All,

Bringing this back up from a year ago. I mulch all my lawns, which works very well for me, but lately I've been leaving an awful mess behind. With the Spring Growth, and enough rain to keep the lawns moist, the big tires on my 36" Exmark are tracking grass clumps everywhere, leaving stains and ground-up grass all over the concrete walks & driveways. Keeping the machine off these surfaces is not possible, obviously, because you have to cross these areas to get to the trailer or the next lawn.

I hate leaving a mess, being a perfectionist at heart ;), but the blower simply won't dislodge all of these ground-in clumps. Hosing the walks is not always possible (customers don't all have accessible hoses) and costs me a great deal of time when it is possible.

I haven't had any complaints to note about these messes, but I see them when I'm done and it drives me crazy. Is this just something I have to learn to live with? A seasonal thing? The lawns look great, but the green sidewalks leave me depressed.

What do the rest of you do about this? Take the extra time to spray off or scrub walks with a broom before blowing? Do you let it be as a side-effect of a good cut?

As always, appreciate your insight/advice...


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When we are submersed in the wet spring cutting, I will hop the curb opposite the end where the truck is parked and most of the time any mess is at the far end opposite the driveway in the street. Then we can just shovel up the heaviest debris and finish with the blowers. These times of year when the grass is wet I dont even let the machines get to the edge of the driveway. I will use a push mower up the edge if I have to to keep the clippings off of the pavements. It takes a little extra effort on my part, but its worth the time to have the finished product looking like a perfectionist did it.


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northeast ohio
the purpose of why i take 2 laps around the yard is so that no grass stains the drive, try 2 laps before you mow and little to no grass will go on the drive maybe a clipping or 2.


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I think that using a push mower along the very edge is overkill. I do agree with Joshua though that if you use a perimeter cut first, and turn the machines around here it should remedy the problem.

I also like the idea of enetering and exiting the property opposite the drive to keep them clear.

Nothing looks worse than when I go to pick up my girls at school and they have run those front mount mowers over the curbs and walks making a mess. I also see alot of this at commercial sites as well.

Hope this helps.