Grass suffering from high tem,ps and brown patch...

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by m0i0k0e, Aug 15, 2006.

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    First, a little backround...
    I have around around 1.5 acres that I have been trying to care for myself for a couple of years. I have done all of the typical stuff, spring pre-emergent, weed and feed and fall winterizers. The house was built in 2004 and the builder put down some crappy seed that never really took. So, I put down some top soil and re-seeded with what I think was a good tall fescue mix. I have also plug aerated the last 2 seasons in the fall. Every The first year after aerating my grass looked great! Well the as soon as it got hot, I got brown patch and it destroyed my lawn. At the time, I was dragging a hose all around the yard. It took up a lot of my time and was a pain. I often had to water late in the evening just to make sure it was watered. I thought that the primary reason the lawn developed brown patch was because of my watering schedule. So, waited until fall and reseeded again.

    This spring I had an irrigation system installed. I thought my problems were solved? Not!! I noticed the brown patch coming on when the temps started to rise so I started to apply fungacide from "Bayer" at a curative rate and it seemed to hold it off, but it didn't stop it. Then, the recent 100+ temps hit a few weeks ago (while I was on vacation) and my grass took another hit. Now, it looks like half of my grass is dead and the other half has gone dormant and weeds have popped up all over the place? I mean, I still have green grass, but it looks nothing like it did before. I started watering it more frequently and it appears to be trying to come back and it looks it may be getting green again.

    The problem is I am having a gathering at my house next weekend and I was wondfering if anyone thinks if I hired a professional to come in they could get my yard to green up again in that short amount of time, or is there something I could do to get it there? Or should I simply call it a seaon and start over again in the fall?

    Oh, I have always mulched, not bagged my grass and it is always cut at the highest setting. My watering schedule is typically set at M,W,F for 25 minutes in each zone. It starts at 3:00am and finishes around 9:00am. I have well water. I just recieved the soil test, but I have not put the soil in the bag to get tested yet.

    I know it's a lot and I may have been rambling, but I just want nice grass again!

    I really appreciate any info/advice that anyone can provide.
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    Try some Ironite to get it to green up for your party. It won't last, but it will green up for several days. Lay the water to it, too. With this heat, it won't hurt to go everyday instead of 3 a week. Dunno about brown patch. Sorry.

    Oh, one things comes to mind, have you checked the brown spots for grubs. Had a neighbor a few years ago with a terrible grub problem.
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    well, sounds like you are giving it a good shot and seem more educated than most when it comes to turf care. The brown patch that you say you have is definitely a problem. I would start interceding one of the newer varieties of seed and make sure that you buy a combo like rye and tttf, etc.
    That will help but if you are having brown patch problems, it is mainly a problem of the conditions of your lawn. You are definitely watering too much for what seems to be a good stand of turf that is mowed higher than normal. Every disease needs the right environment to flourish in and brown patch likes wet cool nights in the 80's and 90's. Your watering schedule should not be so standard as mwf for 25 minutes a zone. Instead DEEP and INFREQUENT as always. one week you might have to water more than others namely, late summer. Your spring shouldn't need that much water, as with all the rain that is provided for us. (I forgot to look at what part of the country you are in.)
    You are already set up with a soil test to let you know where you stand and it should help you formulate a fert. program for next year. Make sure you use slow release and if possible, go organically. good luck and keep us posted.
  4. dcgreenspro

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    as for your party next week, i'd just bag it and start getting ready for next year.
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    First of all, see that you are getting 1 - 1.5 inches of water per week on your lawn. Set out a measuring cup before it cycles, see how much there is , multiply by days of water per week, and adjust accordingly. Second, bag your clippings while the disease is present. Otherwise, you are just spreading it again. Finally, make sure your mower blade is sharp. As far as a quick green up, you may be more or less out of luck except with a foliar iron application. Check with a good contractor as far as your fertilization schedule because heavily fertilized lawns actually create better conditions for brown patch to take hold. Hope this helps.

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