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    I have a 20/52 fastrak and when I mow 3" It leaves a trail of grass where i just mowed. No the grass is not wet and I am not going 100mph. It does get better at 3.5" but is this dull blades or too much build up under the deck. I have the stock blades on, and it just started to do this. Is it also possible that the grass is just to long, I don' t think so. It does this even if i go sloooow. Also should I get new blades, gator or something. I am a homeowner with 2 acres. Also if I mower 2 acres a week how often should I sharpen the blades, I know it may depend on different things, but just a guess would be fine. Mark.
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    Sounds like you are taking to much off in a single pass.
    If raising it a 1/2 inch helped, you will either need to mow more often or higher.
    I would also check your blades, make sure they are always sharp and there is not a build up of grass under the deck.
    Gators may also help the situation by shredding the grass into finer clippings.


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