grass under evergreens?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fga, Sep 17, 2004.

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    what is your method of maintaining a nice lawn with pine needles falling weekly? I have this one house where the grass is nice, but the pine tree over the whole lawn makes a mess. i must suck up alot, buti noticed it faded away alittle along the edges, and i have to blow small piles weekly. would lime help me here as well?
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    Cut down the tree, then upsell your new stump grinding service. payup
  3. fga

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    i didn't even see this reply 'til today! must be going senile. The tree I'm referring to well out of my capabilties. and in a tight area mind you. if that tree were to fall the wrong way, :dizzy: , but the stumps i would knock out! :blush: after all the hard work is done.
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    Lime? Probably. Have you done a pH?

    I've got lawns with rows of nice pines along the fence or other lawn edge. I will usually mulch needles, until they are falling heavily, then I pick up with Grasshopper as I mow. The trees are too nice and the customers like them too much to remove. Have to overseed/reseed with fescue most falls, and the trees get the moisture, so if the customer won't water, the grass usually suffers.

    Trees and grass are always in competition, for both the water and the sunlight. Keeping grass going well under any tree is a challenge, whether pines, oaks, or whatever. My own lawn is a good example of how poorly shaded grass does without a lot of extra attention.

    The customer's priorities determine whether I expend the extra effort.

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