Grass under the leaves longer and greener?


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I have a fescue yard and i cleaned up half the yard then about a month later i cleaned the rest up and while cleaning the leaves up i noticed that the grass under the leaves was thicker, greener, and longer than the other part that had been clean up a month earlier. which was turning yellor and grey (DYING) why is this?


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Flint, Michigan
Under the leaves, it was protected from the exposure of the elements. When it is hooded like that, sometimes it creates a little "greenhouse" effect.


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stanfield nc
It was reaching out to find the sunlight.
Your grass from ealy clean up is just going
dormant.The grass that was green and long,
possibly would have died if you hadn t
got the leaves off. TM


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Although for the short term it proved to be beneficial up here in NY if we let the leaves lay on top of the grass from Dec-Mar we will have a rather large compost bin. I always try to get the heaviest accumulation of leaves up throughout October and mulch the rest in November. Oak trees are a viable source for nitrogen as well.

We have even been known to rake the lawn areas to finish what we couldnt before the Dec snows mid Januaury during the thaw (usually the 2nd or 3rd week of the month).

Hope this helps.