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    I planted a new lawn on my 1+ acre yard last July. I used a mix of annual rye, perenial rye, fescus and bluegrass. The grass came in very thick, I had to cut it all they way til thanksgiving and I live in Wisconsin. Over the winter the annual died and the lawn is much thinner than last year. It also is taking longer to green up than the neighbors that have had there grass in for a year longer than mine. My questions are: should I use a pre-emergent crabgrass killer with a fertilizer or is the grass too fragile. If not what should I use as a fertilizer? Will the perenial rye, fescue and bluegrass spread and thicken or will I need to overseed? Thanks for your help.
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    I would use a bluegrass/ fescue mix. (i'm not a fan of rye grass) Rye seems to green up faster then bluegrass and since you had annual rye, thats now gone and is possibly now thatch. It's still early so i would put something with crab grass preventer down now then over-seed/fertilize in about 3 weeks.
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    I also am a fan of the bluegrass! PRG can take over a yard if the percentages are high. Be careful of the pre-emergents. I use dimension and it's 90 days before re-seeding at the a.i. rate I use. Of course this can be adjusted, and there is stuff that will allow immediate overseeding. Here is a good article to give you some info.

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