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  1. LDC30

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    Trying to see what everyones opinions are on grasses in the northeast....pros and cons of bluegrass, ryegrass, and fescues
  2. MV Property Care

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    I think most people buy a grass seed that has a combination of all three of those grasses. From what I have read in the northeast you want a grass seed that has 50 -60% Kentucky blue grass, 30 -40% fine fescue which can be creeping red fescue or chewings fescure and 10-20% perennial rye grass.
    "The reason the bluegrass is in there is because it has good sod-forming grasses. The perennial ryegrasses are in there because they germinate fast. If we use more than 20 percent, it dominates [the lawn] because it is so aggressive. The fescues are in there because they are shade-tolerant, where blue and rye are not. Over time, they will predominate in the shade areas where the blue and rye will predominate in the sunny areas." This was taken from an article in the Pittsburgh Post gazette when trying to explain the term "Penn Sate Grass". Penn State does not sell nor make grass but there are many many companies that claim to have Penn state grass.
  3. McFarland_Lawn_Care

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    Depends on the conditions of the lawn - amount of sun, shade, etc. I personally do not like perennial rye. In a sunny area usually a mix of high quality KBG and TTTF. In shade a mix of fine fescues and maybe a some KBG mixed in. Perennial rye seems to be a lot lighter green and also is harder to mow since it takes up so much water here in Maine in the spring and early summer.
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    I agree....very well said.
  5. LDC30

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    thanks guys, yeah its mostly sunny i am a fan of bluegrass and dont really like ryegrass either i typically overseed with all blue, i like that it spreads and comes back from drought and cold

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