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  1. mastersensai

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    I bought a 61"grasshopper diesel this year as i was tired of standing all day behind my 52" scag hydro. As much as i like sitting down i don't think the grasshopper does as nice a job as my scag. i dont know if its the because of the larger deck or what but that damn grasshopper always leaves a windrow. overall i am disappointed with the grasshopper even though it is built tough as nails. i really am not satisfied with the cut,discharging,and those damn clumps and windrows.what i am looking for is opinions and experiences with the grasshoppers.

    note: both the scag and grasshopper are 5+yrs old. i bought them used.
  2. M&E LAWNS

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    I find that when I use the hi lift blades, I get the windrows and poor dispersal, try a set of standard lift blades. some places call them medium lift. They may help. Some days, nothing makes a difference. I also find that a 36 or 48 will cut those problem lawns much better, often on a single pass. good luck
  3. blairbuc

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    I was about to say the same thing as M.E.

    To much lift will actually cause airflow downward as it bounces off the top of the deck. Try the following.

    Lower lift as mentioned earlier
    getting back of deck 1/4 inch higher than front of deck for better air flow.
    Also new, sharp and balanced blades, you get a little faster spin if balanced , less noticible with a torque strong diesel though.
    If your tip of the blade is rounded you will loose cutting and some calim discharge quality. I know cut quality is peak with a ninety degree, sharp, pointy edge on a new blaed but I'm not sure about the discharge improvement unless that point munches grass a little finer and help discharge that way, just can't be sure.

    I hated my Hustler for over a year, now I love it. Turnes out it did not like a lot of lift in some applications. Mine is a upper cut deck, an odd duck, so don't want to say that is true with Hustler SD decks.
  4. bob

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    I only use high lift blades on my Grasshoppers (except for bagging). The medium lift blades don't provide enough air flow through the deck. My friend has the new Duramax deck and said it cuts a lot better that his old style deck.
  5. J J Landscaping

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    I have a 10 year old 721 - 61" - 21 hp kabota gas - with vac system. It mows very good and makes a stripe you will not forget. I use Steins Raptor mulching blades. The newer hoppers mowing in my area donot make much of a stripe but the cut looks good. I also run a 61" Giant-Vac - with a home made striping kit and the raptor blades, a 60" Turf-Tracer with home made stripe kit and raptor blades. I am very happy with all three machines. Your hopper SHOULD mow very good. I have the slower blade speed than the newer ones, but the blades made it work very good. Give it a try. They are a very good machine - Jim
  6. Mr Lucky

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    Why did you not buy a Scag Turf Tiger. Find someone to unload the Grasshopper to and buy a better machine.
  7. Groundscare

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    I have an Exmark Lazer XP & (2) 721D Grasshopper's. I have used the gator magnum blades & have not had any problems with striping or mowing. But, I will say that nothing compares to the new Exmark.

    One thing to check is too make sure you are getting enough RPM's which will help with your blade speed. Another thing to check is too make sure your baffels are in good shape. If not this will cause your cut not to look as nice.
  8. J J Landscaping

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    Yes Sir Groundscare - Nothing like a Ex-marks. Gator magnums is used still around here. I used to use them myself But when i got the New Steins Raptor Blades in 2002 they are much better around this area, wet or dry. I have them on 4 mowers. Ask John Gamba, He runs them to. I have a 10 year old 721- Kubota gas - 61". It runs and looks like new. Its very well maintained and i use mowers to make them last. Jim - J J Landscaping - Conn.

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