Grasshopper 120 ztr mower Buyer beware

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tims lawncare, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. tims lawncare

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    Buyer beware. I purchased a brand new 41" Grasshopper 120 series ztr. From the very beginning I did not care for the performance in which it cut. The deck was consistantly becoming unlevel, and it is my opinion that the front casters are to close together. The deck tends to scalp especially on side hill cuts. This mower does not come standard with anti scalp rollers on deck. The briggs engine also is hard starting when started for the first time when there is alot of moisture in the air. After 190 hrs the right hydro pump went completly out. The dealer took almost 4 weeks to install new pump and get the bugs worked out. While the mower was being serviced I contacted Grasshopper to see if they would give me a partial refund. I am totally dissatisfied with the product. They treated me very rude and totally shot me down. Beware of Grasshopper products and the manufacturer.

    I picked up the grasshopper mower yesterday. It has been at the dealer for 4 weeks. The dealer installed a brand new hydro pump. Ready for this. I started mowing the first yard with it and the brand new hydro pump went out. totally out. I have notified Grasshopper again. They will not even return my calls. I spoke to the receptionist 3 times today. She will not give me any phone numbers to contact a manager. All she said she could do is contact Mike Brown and he would call me back. I called her three times she told me Mike had been notified. He never called me. I asked the receptionist for her name. She said "I don not have to give you my name" Its kind of like the mafia, You dont need to know my name, you dont contact us we contact you. I will be contacting the owner Mr. Stan Guyer. I have exausted all my resources. Its time to go to the top.
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    Grasshopper makes a 41" ZTR? I've never heard of the 120 series. Give Mike Brown a day or two to return your call. He shouldn't drop everything hes doing right away to tend to your every little problem. I know you are mad, heck I would be pissed to, but give him a chance. If he doesn't return any calls... get your chrome 45 and bust a cap in his grass!
  3. davidcalhoun

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    Yes, Grasshopper makes a 120/41.

    How old is this mower? Is it under warranty? Give them a chance to fix it.

    If more problems happen, check into your state's lemon law.
  4. davidcalhoun

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    Now that I had a chance to read some other treads, I see that you are on a mission to do some GH bashing. Your temper has lost you some points. Why you ask?????

    Based on your own words, you commented on the lack of anti-scalp rollers. WHY DID YOU BUY THIS 120/41" DECK THEN? You could have chosen the 120/48" deck and had anti-scalp rollers all over the place.

    Complain about the hydro pump and dealer service all you want, just don't cry about lack of anti-scalp rollers. You saw how the deck was set up and you still bought it.
  5. tims lawncare

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    grasshopper is now taking care of the problem. they are giving me an upgrade. thanks grasshopper
  6. John Gamba

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    Thanks lawnsite

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