Grasshopper 2008 723k with a Duramax 52 inch deck-Want to sell-

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Tazman1-87, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Tazman1-87

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    New to the arena and this is my first post.Wanting to part with my 1 owner Grasshopper.Getting conflicting offer's and information from dealer's I'm trying to trade at so I'm electing to sell outright then buy.Been used only 308 hour's to date.What is a reasonable asking price & this mower is very clean with great service record.No dent's ding's and literally 1 scratch/scrape on the deck lid.Any info or offer's appreciated.Located on I-65 North of Nashville Tennessee about 30 miles-in Kentucky.
  2. Tazman1-87

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    Please post info on how to include a photo...
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  4. Tazman1-87

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    Thank's for the upload info,she need's a bath-been mowing today,but she clean's up well...

    grasshoppa 016.jpg
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    I do not know anything about the market for those in your area. However, it looks clean. Around here, front deck machines are not too popular, so midmounts sell better. In this area, I think $5500 would be a fair price.

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