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Grasshopper 220 comments?

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On a whim I stopped by the local Grasshopper dealer today. (On the way home from buying parts for my Great Dane...AGAIN!) The dealer seems to be really customer oriented. The local Hustler dealer-who also sells Great Dane, hasn't been the greatest to deal with. They are friendly, but the place is always a three ring circus. I've asked to demo a Super Z and he said I could "Try it out on the lot" and that they all cut about the same (ztrs). The Grasshopper dealer offered me a demo, and I never even asked for one. I haven't heard a lot of good about the Exmark dealer in my city either, and I've heard they don't do demos anymore. Grasshopper is offering 0% interest for three years, but I don't hear too much good about them here on Lawnsite...any comments about the 220?...Is the Exmark that much better?

I might add that I've bought a lot of eqipment from the Hustler dealer, and he's often commented about how nice I keep my equipment, so I don't think he's worried about me trashing a demo.
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Cool, someone else is thinking about a Grasshopper mower! But I will get to me later.

As for the 220/52 my first concern is that it might be a dog with that 20hp Kohler. If it were me I would atleast consider the 225/52 or 225/61. I say that because the diference you pay for more power hurts at the purchase, but only feels like pocket change once you are in the field. I bet while on the 220 you will say "I could really use tha extra 5hp sometimes, and for the money I should have got it."

Now if you are doing the 0% for 36 months, how much is that extra really going to effect the payment?

As for me, my wheels are turning about them because the local dealer called me up. He finally got that new 48" in that I was wanting to demo when I was shopping. But I gave up on him getting one for me to demo and went with the Yazoo/Kees.

Since buying the 48" I've been thinking about adding a 60" class mower. So when he went on to mention the 0% for 36 months (not available on 218 & 220 by the way) that got my wheels turning about the 61" Grasshopper M-1 even though I ordinarily avoid finacing like the plague. 0% is tempting me to go for it.

Anyways, I will be going by soon to get prices on the 225/61, 321D/61 and 428D/61. Any owner feedback on any of these?
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Boy, this is an old thread... oldie but goodie...

Years have passed... the Grasshoppers are still a great value and a great machine. I sure do wish my old Grasshopper dealer had been 'on the ball' like he should have been to make a sale. It sure would have saved me a TON of headache that I went through with the Yazoo/Kees mowers I bought instead.

Anyways, since I have gotten two new Grasshopper dealers and I have considered these machines again every time I have made a purchase. In the end, I sure have learned a lot. To be honest, I don't think there is a better diesel ZTR offering on the market today.

For $10,400 anyone interested should should snatch up that 428D... what a beast.
It's little brothers, the 322D, and 321D are great also.
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