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Grasshopper 220 comments?

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On a whim I stopped by the local Grasshopper dealer today. (On the way home from buying parts for my Great Dane...AGAIN!) The dealer seems to be really customer oriented. The local Hustler dealer-who also sells Great Dane, hasn't been the greatest to deal with. They are friendly, but the place is always a three ring circus. I've asked to demo a Super Z and he said I could "Try it out on the lot" and that they all cut about the same (ztrs). The Grasshopper dealer offered me a demo, and I never even asked for one. I haven't heard a lot of good about the Exmark dealer in my city either, and I've heard they don't do demos anymore. Grasshopper is offering 0% interest for three years, but I don't hear too much good about them here on Lawnsite...any comments about the 220?...Is the Exmark that much better?

I might add that I've bought a lot of eqipment from the Hustler dealer, and he's often commented about how nice I keep my equipment, so I don't think he's worried about me trashing a demo.
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I also questioned the 20hp as maybe not quite having enough power. I've learned my lesson on the 17hp Kaw. I have. Good engine, but just not enough omph. The dealer didn't say that the 0% didn't apply to the 220. I guess that would make the choice simple then-225. I know what you mean about avoiding financing. But these mowers are about like buying a car at around 10k with a bagging system, 0% makes it pretty tempting. I wonder if Exmark has any similiar deals-I'll stop by the dealer tomorrow, it's just a block from two of my accounts.
We had a Grasshopper truck/trailer come through our shop at work tonight. (I'm a diesel mechanic) I had kind of a woody. I tried to talk the driver into turning his back for a few minutes.:D
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